Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sister Act Card Challenge design team call!

I just came across this new card challenge called Sister Act Card Challenge.
They are brand new and looking for a design team! I absolutely
love card challenges, and try and participate in as many as I can!
I thought I would through my hat into
the ring and see what happens!

The rules for submitting are to put your three favorite/best
cards in one post and link it to their site. Wow having to pick my 
three best is hard! I decided to go through the cards I have
made in the past few weeks and pick a nice variety from those
so without further ado, here are my top 3 cards!
Thanks for taking the time to look!

email: inkandpapercardshopAThotmailDOTcom

Card 1: Baby Boy

Click here for original posting.

Card 2: Birthday Boy card

Click here for original posting.

Card 3: He Has Risen

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  1. Great card choices! Thanks for applying and good luck!

  2. Wonderful card selection! Thank you for submitting!